• Thank you for your concern in the turbocharger kits for Farmall M, Super M, I6, W6, 400, & 450.  The turbocharger kit for the Farmall was developed for the best reliability and maximum power output.  An oil drain line is required so the oil can drain from the turbocharger back into the oil pan (see photo).  
  • A new oil filter and fresh clean synthetic oil is recommended when installing the new kit.  The kit has been designed to have a long working life with no maintenance.  This system is designed to provide up to 80% plus increase in power.  
  • No engine or tractor modifications are necessary.  On some models the left front hood brace needs to be removed.  We need engine size and maximum engine operating speed in order to fit the correct turbocharger system for best results. 
  • The kit includes all hardware, gaskets, etc. that is needed for installation and will only take a short time to install.  The ½” oil drain line to the oil pan will be provided by the buyer. 
  • The kit includes intake and exhaust manifold, Garrett turbo with wastegate, intake pipe from carb to turbo, all gaskets, all bolts, and an exhaust pipe.  No additional parts have to be bought for installation. 
  • If you are a Pennsylvania customer a tax exempt form is needed if the tractor is to be used as farm equipment.  Out of state buyers are tax exempt. 
  • Other accessories are available. 

  • If you would like to know the horsepower that your engine would make there is a website that does all the calculations for you.  The web site is:

  • Look to the left and click on turbo calculators.   

  • Ambient air temp: 70
  • Engine VE: 85
  • Boost Pressure: 10
  • Compressor Efficiency: 74  

  • All other numbers will come from your engine specs.   
  • Be sure to check off the intercooler box at the top of the page.